The crew was started in the middle of 2012 by a bunch of dudes from a little town in northern Sweden, called Kiruna.
When Hjalmar (one of the founders) was reading one of RZAs books, he got inspired and there by we got the name, Threesixties.
Many people think it is the spin "360". But no. It's more than just a spin. The degrees counts but it's not a spin.
It's inspired by a more deeper thinking/beliving and by RZA.
The name contains 3 parts;
"120 knowledge, 120 wisdom and 120 understanding. That's 360 total, 360 degrees.
Each 120 degrees breaks down to a step of evolution: First you must know it, then you must be able to say it, then you must understand it". Easy excplained. And if you want to know more about the name I would strongly recommend to be reading RZAs books behind his thinking and understandings.

Why we started this crew was because we wanted our own "crew" just to gain more motivation, to do better/greater edits, urbans and have more fun than our "everyday" skiing! We are aiming at everybody will be doing all kinds of skiing but often it ends at doing urbans.